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Mark Zuckerberg's name in Yogya's Cyber Village

Selasa, 12 September 2017 / 11:54 WIB

Mark Zuckerberg's name in Yogya's Cyber Village

KONTAN.CO.ID - Among the streets of the Cyber Village in Yogyakarta is one named after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The street was named after Zuckerberg following his October 2014 visit to the village, which was previously known as Tamanan Village.

"Mark walked along that street. He stopped to chat near the security post," Antonius Sasongko, one of the founders of the Cyber Village, told kompas.com on Sunday. "Mark suddenly came by; [it was] spontaneous."

Zuckerberg had apparently become curious about the village, ​​whose residents actively use the internet to help with their daily activities, and arrived on a visit without notice.

After speaking to local residents for about an hour, Zuckerberg continued on his journey to Jakarta. 

Coinciding with their Independence Day celebrations on Aug. 17, village residents decided to name the street he had walked along as "Zuckerberg Street".

Another figure who has inspired a street name in the village is Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara, who has visited a few times, most recently on Saturday.

"Pak Rudi has been here three times. He always passes along the same street, where there is a resident whose house has quite a large lawn. Pak Rudi likes to sit there," said Antonius.

Cyber Village has reportedly seen an increase in visitors since Zuckerberg dropped by three years ago, as curious foreign tourists also make it a stop to take a glimpse into the village's daily life. 

The villagers are digitally literate and one of their most popular facilities is Facebook, through which they discuss common concerns, announce meetings, share wedding invitations and announce births, as well as utilize as a marketplace for small-medium businesses.

With an active internet connection since 2009, Antonius said the villagers funded the facility independently, and without government assistance.

Antonius added that this fact appeared to have amazed Zuckerberg during his visit, when he also suggested that the concept be ​​applied to other villages in Indonesia. (liz/kes)

Sumber : The Jakarta Post
Editor: Dessy Rosalina


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