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Livestock in South Jakarta not suit for Idul Adha

Wednesday, 30 August 2017 | The Jakarta Post

KONTAN.CO.ID - The South Jakarta Fisheries, Agriculture and Food Security Agency has discovered that many dozens of cows and sheep that are not suitable for sacrifice for Idul Adha are being sold in markets. The cows and sheep are either sick or too young.

"After an examination, we found that 26,608 animals are healthy, 32 are unhealthy, two are disabled and 83 are too young," Yuli Absari from the agency said on Wednesday as quoted by kompas.com.

The unsuitable animals were found across 347 locations in 10 districts in the municipality during a series of random checks carried out by the agency.

Yuli said he wanted residents to be cautious when buying livestock and to only buy from markets that had stickers, a sign that a market has undergone verification.

Animals that have passed the check will have a red X sign on them, Yuli explained. (fac)

Reporter: The Jakarta Post
Editor: Dessy Rosalina