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KPK to decide Anas’ fate next week

Sabtu, 16 Februari 2013 / 13:24 WIB

KPK to decide Anas’ fate next week
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JAKARTA. The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) will determine the status of Democratic Party chairman Anas Urbaningrum in the Hambalang sports complex graft case next week.

KPK spokesperson Johan Budi on Friday dismissed rumors the case presentation to determine Anas’ status was to be held on Friday, two days before the Democratic Party’s national leadership meeting in Jakarta.

“I can confirm there has been no case presentation for the Hambalang case. According to our plan, it will be convened next week.”

KPK commissioners, the spokesman said, were currently focused on investigating the authenticity of a supposedly leaked KPK document that named Anas a suspect in the Rp 1.17 trillion (US$121.4 million) Hambalang sports complex project.

The document states that Anas had received a gratuity in the form of a Toyota Harrier while serving as lawmaker between October 2009 and July 2010.

Graft convict Muhammad Nazaruddin claims that the car was a gift from PT Adhi Karya to Anas when it won the tender for the construction of the Hambalang sports complex.

The document had sparked speculation that the antigraft commission’s independence had been compromised due to its timing. It was circulated a few hours before President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono took over leadership of his Democratic Party and told Anas to deal with the legal problems he faced. A few days earlier, the President asked the KPK to decide whether it was to charge or clear Anas of graft allegations.

Anas’ rivals within the Democratic Party blamed him for damaging the party’s reputation and called on the President to take emergency measures to save the party. The move has been seen as an attempt to oust Anas.

Yudhoyono denied he had interfered with the KPK and said he knew nothing of the leaked document, despite rumors that the person believed to be responsible was from the Palace.

The KPK also dismissed observations that it served the President’s political interests. However, the leaked document — known as “sprindik” — and the fact that commissioners had given conflicting statements regarding Anas’ case have sparked speculation that the commission is divided over whether to charge Anas.

On Wednesday, KPK commissioner Adnan Pandu Praja confirmed the authenticity of the leaked document. He admitted to signing a document that named Anas a suspect in the Hambalang case.

He said the document was already signed by KPK chairman Abraham Samad and deputy chairman Zulkarnain. The signatures of deputy chairs Bambang Widjojanto and Busyro Muqoddas could not be found on the document.

Adnan revoked his signature after finding out that the commissioners had yet to hold a case presentation for the Democratic Party politician’s case.

He also argued that the amount of gratuity given to Anas was too small for the KPK to handle.

“We need heavier charges for Anas. We need to dig deeper,” he said.

A brand new Toyota Harrier starts at Rp 735 million. The Corruption Law only allows the KPK to investigate cases worth more than Rp 1 billion.

Despite Adnan’s statement, Johan made it clear that the team assigned to investigate the document were still doing their job, adding that the investigation was closely monitored by all KPK commissioners. (Yuliasri Perdani/The Jakarta Post)

Reporter: Dyah Megasari

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