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Indonesians 'quite happy' according to BPS index

Wednesday, 16 August 2017 | The Jakarta Post

KONTAN.CO.ID - Indonesia's happiness index stood at 70.69 this year, indicating its people are "quite happy", the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) announced on Tuesday.

The index has a scale of between 0 and 100, in which the higher the figure, the happier the people.

The index this year measures three dimensions -- life satisfaction, relationships and life-meaning (eudaimonia) --, while the previous surveys in 2012 and 2014 only measured life satisfaction.

The result in 2014 revealed an index of 68.28. Meanwhile, if only the life-satisfaction dimension was used in this year’s survey, the result would have been 69.51.

"The purpose of this index is to get detailed information about our people’s happiness because a country's development should not be measured in economic terms only," BPS head Suhariyanto told a press conference in Jakarta on Tuesday.

According to the result of the survey, Indonesian people feel the happiest about their family harmony, while education and skill indicators got the lowest marks.

It also reveals that older people are less happy and people living in the cities are happier than those in villages.

Meanwhile, North Maluku and Maluku are the happiest provinces in the country and Papua, North Sumatra and East Nusa Tenggara have the lowest happiness indicators.

Source : The Jakarta Post

Reporter: The Jakarta Post
Editor: Barratut Taqiyyah Rafie