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CT appointed WIKA to develop Transpark

Friday, 17 February 2017 | Dina Mirayanti Hutauruk

JAKARTA. The CT Corp will expand its business tentacles to property business in this year. The company, which is owned by the tycoon Chairul Tanjung will develop an integrated property area, namely Transpark@Cibubur in an area of 4 hectare in Cibubur, East Jakarta.

In that area, the CT Corp will establish two apartment towers with the total capacity of 2,600 units. Aside of the apartment, the project will include a three-star hotel with the capacity of 300 rooms, as well a high-class shopping center (TransMart) and mini entertainment facility (Trans Studio).

KONTAN received information that the project will be commenced in an immediate time. This company has signed a cooperation contract worth Rp 900 billion with PT Wijaya Karya Tbk (WIKA) to work on the structure of the project.

However, until the news was revealed, KONTAN has not yet received official information related to the project from CT Corp. “I will respond later,” said Director of CT Corp Chairal Tanjung, who is the younger brother of Chairul Tanjung, Thursday (16/2).

The management of PT Wijaya Karya has confirmed that the company has won the tender process for the construction work of the project. “But the contract would be signed either in this week or in the next week,” said Corporate Secretary of Wijaya Karya Suradi Wongso, Thursday (16/2).

KONTAN recorded that Chairul Tanjung once said that the integrated property project will cost an investment of Rp 2 trillion. This project would be under the business line of Trans Studio.

Aside of Transpark Cibubur, Trans Corp also plans to develop property project in other areas, such as in Kebayoran Lama, Bekasi, and Bintaro. The company controls an area of 6 hectare in Bekasi, East Java. The property projects in those areas would be developed under Trans Ritel.

According to Suradi, the Transpark project in Cibubur would be handled by one of WIKA’s subsidiaries, namely PT Wika Gedung. Aside of the project, PT Wika Gedung would work on the project of horse racing area worth Rp 300 billion from PT Jakarta Propertindo. He continued, Transpark project would be completed in a period of 20 months. Suradi, added, this is the first involvement of this company in integrated property project.

Previously, Wijaya Karya had often involved in some projects of CT Corp. For an example, WIKA handled the construction work of Trans Mart buildings, which are located in Tegal and Lombok. To date, WIKA has booked new contracts worth Rp 6.1 trillion.

(Muhammad Farid/Translator)

Reporter: Dina Mirayanti Hutauruk
Editor: Adi Wikanto